Smartphone Wireless Mouse Pad Charger

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Technology in your hands. Charge phones without worrying about tangling cables. Simply put your phone directly on the wireless charging pad and automatically start charging.


Key Features:

❇️ Seamless integration - All you need to do is place your phone on top of the mouse pad and it will get charged. Practical and simple usage.

❇️Travel Friendly and Anti-slip Sleek Design - Pro or non-pro user, you can bring this anywhere and anytime. With a 15" standard competitive mouse pad made of suede fabrics which effectively increases friction and prevents slippage, it is stable and reliable even on a glass table.

❇️Quick-dry fabrics - Worry no more about getting it wet as it is made of polyester Alta fiber, with the characteristics of sweat absorption, quick-drying, smooth and low friction, etc., while maintaining the consistent hand feeling.

❇️Dual coil & dual power - With dual coils simultaneous energy supply, the induction area is larger and farther. The charging effect will not be affected even when using an 8mm thick phone case.

❇️ Radiation-free - It has a built-in ferrite magneto-resistance sheet, which effectively isolates scattering electromagnetic waves and passes multiple safety tests.


Power: Below 10W
Conversion: Above 73%
Certification:RoHS CE FCC

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