Electric comb Women Hair Wet or Dry Tame The Mane Electric Detangling Brush with Brush Cover, Adults & Kids

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Exquisite workmanship ensure long lasting use.
Suitable for long hair, short hair and curly hair.

Material: Bristle & Nylon and plastic
Battery:2*AAA Battery(Does not contain battery)

Package included:
1 x  Hairbrush Comb

Color: Purple

   The Mane Electric Detangling Brush makes everyday detangling fast and easy! It's as simple to use as a traditional brush or comb-just glide the detangling brush through wet or dry hair and be amazed as knots and tangles are quickly smoothed out! The brush's teeth rock back and forth as they move through hair to gently loosen tangles with minimal pulling and maximum comfort. This battery-powered brush (two AA batteries included)is one of the perfect way to manage unruly hair. Give it a try and see why customers trust the Electric Detangling Brush to Tame The Mane! 

you can buy a 300ML Spray Bottle collocation  

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