Automatic Fish Snagger

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Automatic Fish Snagger

This is just an amazing tool if you're an angler fishing right off the bank.  This is especially awesome if you're using a Carolina rig or if you're fishing with a bobber.  Just cast out your line, get some slack from your main line and place it on the trigger of the Automatic Fish Snagger.  Once that fish chomps down on your bait they're hooked!  And it's Fish On Baby!!! 


Light weight stainless steel

Easily Assembled, can be detached and folded up

+   Cast your line, set your pole on the Automatic Fish Snagger and enjoy!

Fishing is a pretty relaxing pastime. You can just spend the day enjoying nature, waiting for the fish to bite. But I guess it can be frustrating if you never catch anything. In that case, it might be time to up your fishing game with this spring fishing rod holder. This unique fishing tool automatically pulls back when a fish bites. Is that cheating? Maybe. It’s all good though. Sometimes you just need an edge.

Perfect for shore fishers with many rods out at the same time.  The spring loaded rod holder will actually pull back whenever a fish is detected on the line. Using an innovative way of stringing the line through a hook on the device, it becomes a super sensitive way of detecting when a fish is on the line and will immediately pull back on the rod to set the line.

The spring loaded fishing rod holder has three different levels of sensitivity, so if one setting is too sensitive or not sensitive enough for the fish your trying to catch just adjust the setting on the device.

Normally when a fish bites, you have to be quick about pulling back on the rod, so you can hook that fish and bring it in. That moment can be the difference between a grand trout dinner or going hungry. This device does it for you, so if you have slow reflexes or maybe you have ten rods in the water at the same time, this thing will set the line for you. After that, all you have to do is just reel it in, and hopefully it will be a keeper.

Principle: The fish bite hook pulls the fishline hanging on the trigger hook and unlocks the trigger. At the time, the rod automatically bounces up, with the force of the spring therefore snagging that fish and it 

Installation instructions:

1. First, open the folding bracket until the clamp is completely clamped and fixed.

2. Secondly, adjust the fixing belt according to the size of the fishing rod; insert the support into the ground and put the handle of the fishing rod into the rod seat after the line is thrown out.

3. The fishing rod drives the rod seat down until it is locked automatically.

4. The line on the fishing vessel is hung back and forth to trigger the hook. After adjusting the fishing vessel, the installation is completed.

1.It's not a toy, please keep away from your children, improper usage may cause injury.

2.Please only touch the rod to lock the unit.

Do not touch the spring area it is very strong. If you want to release it just touch the trigger.

3.This item has an adjustable trigger and can adjust to catch BIG and SMALL fishes!!!

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