AI Smartphone 360 Holder Mount

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Take selfies and no longer ask for help.

Are you still worried about the following problems? You cannot record video without a photographer. You cannot take pictures by yourself. The fixing bracket is not flexible when you need to release your hands. Our AI Smartphone 360 Holder Mount will help you solve these problems!



The mobile phone selfie stick allows you to track and shoot objects in real time and track the displacement of objects. For example, when the dog moves, the phone will also track the dog and shoot automatically. This is a high quality professional selfie stick, everyone can use and will love it. This is really a big surprise.



  • Automatic Tracking: With the AI Smartphone 360 Holder Mount your phone can follow you and take selfies. No need to ask for help. Track the objects that move to your face or somewhere and record every beautiful moment.

  • Vlog Shooting Support: Switch between horizontal and vertical shooting modes to shoot from multiple angles, and support the needs of short video platforms, and it is suitable for various scenarios such as vlog shooting. (Compatible with Tripods) The base of the holder is equipped with a 1/4 inch universal interface that can be used with a tripod.

  • Object tracking + Face tracking + Smart Shooting: The face tracking holder incorporates artificial intelligence technology for image synthesis and scale estimation into smart shooting. Smart Shooting can rotate 360 degrees and automatically recognize people/pet. Your phone will automatically go where you want to go, set your posture and take photos automatically in 3 seconds. Perfect for speech, sporting events, presentations, gathering photography, adventure shooting, Instagram, Vlog. 

  • Any Time/Anywhere/Free Photo: 360 degree rotation, automatically recognizes people and pets. When you go, your phone will reposition where you want to go, set your pose, and take photos automatically in 3 seconds fixed time. Automatic pairing, VLOG photography, selfie, take pictures with others, product live sales, pet tracking, sports recording. Lectures, sporting events, presentations Perfect for group photography, adventure shots, instagram, Facebook live and blog.


  1. A smartphone is required to use the smart camera camera holder with 360° object tracking function.
  2. Use in situations where only one object is to maximize the following functionality.
  3. Do not move too fast on face or objects.
  4. Objects currently tracking are surrounded by blue square.
  5. Turn off the power supply after use. (Press and hold the power button for 3 to 5 seconds) No auto power off function. 


  • Material: ABS.
  • Color: Black
  • Product Size: L x W x H) 3.7 x 3.7 x 6.5 inches (93 x 93 x 165.4 mm).
  • Compatible cell phone size: 56-100mm
  • Power: 3pcs- 1.5V AA alkaline battery (Battery not included)

Package Includes:

  • 1 x AI Smartphone 360 Holder Mount


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