Effortless Jar Opener

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Are you still struggling to open stubborn jar lids?

Well, you’ve got a better option! Easily open any jar lid with a simple twist!

The Effortless Jar Opener is designed precisely for those who always need help when opening jars. 

Allows you to easily open most small water bottles and wide mouth mason jars. It uses a ratchet-type mechanism to grip a jar or bottle lid. It grips the jar lid tightly as you turn the handle counterclockwise and loosens the cap as you turn the handle clockwise. So easy to use! 

Features And Benefits: 

✔ RUST RESISTANT JAR OPENER:Made of heavy stainless steel and solid hard plastic handle that will last and not rust. 

STURDY AND DURABLE: Suitable for jars with lids between 1” to 3.7” diameter. The jar opener is made of sturdy material and super durable.

EASY TO TWIST: The stainless steel teeth on the clamp grabs the edge of the stubborn lid tightly and hold it the entire time you are twisting. Easily opens most jars with a simple twist!

COMPACT KITCHEN TOOL: Easy to store and takes up small space in your kitchen drawer. 


Effortless, easy to use, convenient and hassle-free! Definitely a must-have kitchen tool!


  • Material: PP | Stainless Steel
  • Size: 2.7 x 0.71 inches
  • Color: White Handle
Package Includes: 
  • 1x Effortless Jar Opener

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