Magical Starry Sky Projector

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It is composed of laser mode light and sea wave light, and can be projected to flashing stars, immovable moons, floating clouds and other scenes

Soft lights and clear patterns

Suitable for indoor, room, party and other places

Simple product operation

Using high-quality materials



Power supply: 7.5W

Input power: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz 1.5A (use with power adapter)

Operation: Indoor

Charging instructions:

Charging time: please connect the device from 5V/1A power adapter to USB

Charging cable, fully charged in 3-4 hours

Operating time: Built-in 2000mAh lithium battery, full power normal use 2-3 hours

Package Included:

1*projection lamp+usb charging cable+manual


Method of operation

1. The first button: press once: the blue sky and the moon, gradually changing stars. Press the key twice: move the blue sky, moon and gradient star. Press the key 3 times: move the colored sky, moon and gradient stars. Press the key 4 times: move the blue sky. Press the key 5 times: the gradient star. Press 6 times to close.

2. The second button: Press once: the sky stops and the moon goes out. Press twice: move the sky and light the moon. Press the key 3 times: the sky stops and lights up the moon. Press the key 4 times: Move the sky and turn off the moon. After that cycle.

3. The third button: press once: the lamp becomes dark, press twice: the lamp becomes dark, press three times: the lamp returns to the brightest. After that cycle.

4. Power indicator: Each time the host is charged, the power indicator will turn red. When the host is fully charged, the power indicator will turn green.

5. Micro-usb charging interface

Basic safety measures

When using any electrical appliance, reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or personal injury.

Please take precautions, including but not limited to reading all detailed instructions

Be careful! Please use this product according to the instructions

The floodlight is used indoors, please do not use it outdoors to avoid rain or water damage

Do not irradiate eyes directly with laser, keep away from children

Operation notes:

1. We suggest that users can use their thumbs to press the switch on the host to ensure accuracy and sensitivity

2. When the battery is fully discharged and automatically shut down, please plug in the USB cable to charge, wait for 3-5 minutes to charge, and then restart.









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