Serbian Style Butcher Knife

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Meet your new favorite cooking knife! Hand-forged by professional blacksmiths of high-quality steel, perfect blade for all your indoor and outdoor cooking needs!

Product features: Serbian Chef Knife knife beautifully manufactured super sharp and will give you a commanding feeling with it's ergonomically shaped handle making it perfect for gripping. 

Enjoy its rugged yet soft leather sheath for outdoor use while keeping it well protected.  You'll be amazed with it's beautiful craftsmanship making it perfect for the outdoors person.  Impress your your friends on your next camping trip as this sturdy knife is very suitable for barbecues, fishing, hunting, camping, survival, and outdoor barbecue activities.

Super Sharp and durable; the arc blade is 58 HRC, which means that blade is incredibly strong while keeping excellent edge retention.

You can easily use different sharpening tools to sharpen it after long-term use.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN The handle of the knife designed by butchers who know understand the necessity of gripping the tool for precise work, which is everything as safety is always the number 1 priority.

Every curve and angle of the handle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable and ambidextrous hold.

This beautiful grip was ergonomically designed to minimize the risk of accidents during their use.

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