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Well, last year couldn't have gone by fast enough!  Let's continue staying strong and pushing through this year.  They say that hard times make hard people so go ahead and pat yourself on your back for being resilient!  Last year wasn't easy by any means. 

Although last year was difficult, we really don't know what this year brings but we can at least be prepared. At AboveSavvy we continually think of new products and new ways to help our customers.  So how can we be prepared for this coming year?  Let's break this down together shall we?

1. Mental Health-  Getting this right takes time.  Pick your times to go outside, it's said that a 20 minute walk can provide increased creativity, mental clarity, greater focus, and an improved mood.  How does this happen you might ask?  Well it's said that physical activity promotes the release of endorphins which promote feelings of pleasure, happiness, and even love!  

Breathing exercises also help very much.  If you ever get a chance, you should definitely check the flow state.  You've experienced it before.  It's almost like being in the zone or being in a mental state where you're feeling totally focused yet energized and feeling an enjoyment in the process of an activity.  The cool thing is, breathing techniques and exercises have been liked to being in the flow state.  Click here if you're interested in learning more about how breathing exercises can help you mentally and possibly even change your life!

 2. Make More Money- Know someone who's been affected financially by the last year?  Or maybe you might want to help yourself with some more cash in your pocket without even leaving the comfort of your own home? Yeah we've got your back.  So... I take it I've got your attention?  Let's face it. Everyone is struggling right now, but that doesn't mean it's time to quit.  Again, it's a new year so... how about making a new source of income as well?  As the inevitable time changes, we must also change our ways and adapt to new technologies to get ahead.  Being part of AboveSavvy gets you exclusive access to... well... learning new and Savvy ways to make money!  We've got your exclusive access to information on being able to make money at home without even needing to provide a service or package a physical product.  Get free access to the webinar.  

3. Work off those COVID Calories! -  We're all in this together.  No doubt staying indoors is the way to slow the curve, but it's just so boring!  Suggestions?  Want an alternative without breaking the bank?  How about starting slow with resistance bands?  Bring them anywhere and every where that there's a door frame and you're good to go!  Get them on sale right here

- Diet: Yes you read that correctly.  Diet is key for losing those pounds!  A steady and planned workout is nothing without a diet that supports it.  But I don't mean to stop eating.  Sometimes it's just changing what your eat.  Here's the catch though.  The diet has to be sustainable, definitely something you can turn into a lifestyle.  Changing your diet doesn't mean you have to starve yourself.  Some people try Keto, some others try using yummy smoothies.  Try a custom Keto quiz here to see if it's right for you.  There's lots of info out there about what diet to choose and not to choose but experts say that you should choose something that you'd stick to long term.

4. Change it up -  One of the new things that people are really getting into is tapping into their inner interior design.  People are brightening their home with illuminating corner lights and even using floating plants!  Yes, I said it... Floating plants!  Wouldn't it be cool to just impress your family and friends with your picture of a floating plant right in your bedroom?  Is that right? Don't believe me... check out this levitating plant


Doing simple things to a room can totally change the vibe too. We have these available around the world.  Just pick your plug type and start the magic!

- Soothing scents: try using lavender or maybe sandalwood for relaxation.  Did you know that your olfactory system is directly connected to the emotional center of your brain?  Try different scents in your room to see what jives with your emotions. You know what's even cooler?  Getting different scents in style!  Here's an awesome way to enjoy different scents.  Use an incense burner. Click below to check out some awesome incense burners.


- Pleasing to the eye: You wouldn't believe what changing the design of your bed sheets, pillow covers, and especially the presentation of fresh paint can do.  Adding on some pretty chique throw pillows can really do the trick. These really modern chique and elegant throw pillow covers are certainly an inexpensive way to change the look of a room.


And... Lighting! -  Yes lighting can definitely change the mood of any room.  Make the room romantic or even playful!  Use accent lighting to create an inviting ambiance and also to brighten areas in the room that may be dark.  Many designers say that in order to properly illuminate a room, you must think of using light in layers.  Have your primary light source (possibly an overhead light), then use accent lights to amplify any art or to lighten up really dark spots in the room.  But don't go overboard!  You want light to be soothing and fun.  Click on some cool accent lights below. 


Touch Sensitive Hexagon Wall Lamp:   This is an awesome way to bring some light in your home creating an innovative and modern look.  It can be shaped and patterned uniquely to your design goals and preference.


Nordic Design Corner Floor Lamp:  Just another amazing way to illuminate the area.  Choose from soft light or an RGB style lighting.  The point is to enhance and accent the furniture around the room.

5. Lastly... but not least - STAY SAFE

If you ever took a microbiology class, you might have done this interesting experiment where you take a q-tip swab and rub it on something like a door handle and place it on some agar to see if bacteria grows.  On the image below, you have bacterial growth noted to be proliferate on a medium that wasn't exposed to UV light and the side where UV light was exposed, it's noted that there's not much bacterial growth.  Actually there's practically none!

Did you know that one of the dirtiest things we carry around is our cellphone?  Yeah kinda gross isn't it?  I mean we put it on our face, we touch it and then we touch our food.  It's like germ spreading galore!  Well, Above Savvy has something for you to combat that as well.  



Ric The Murse
Ric The Murse

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