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Got some joint pain? We have the best basic first aid for you. Plus! We’re sharing the the best solution for stiff joints. Make sure you read til the end because we have scientifically proven tips and tricks because here at AboveSavvy, our goal is to help people in our community to be Savvy 😉.

Summer is one of the most active seasons where families enjoy time hiking, camping, and vacationing.  Well, where does that leave us?  For us adults, that usually means possible aches and pain on some of our joints.  Did you know that about 25% of adults suffer from knee pain? Yup, if you suffer from it, I hear you.  Having to rest every so often just take pressure off your joints when you go on a walk with friends or family can sometime give you the guilt of holding them back.  Going on the much needed vacation sometimes even turn into torture because of all that walking. 

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Our joints can really have a hold on us so make sure you take care of them! Heck, I'm even having some back pain writing this right now! 

Definitely going to either do some cat-cows, maybe do a child's pose, and if I'm feeling lazy, I'll just lay on a Lumbar Reliever.


Do you treat all joint pain the same?

As a nurse I get asked questions a lot like, "should I treat all joint pain the same?"  The short answer?  It's a big NO!  More acute injuries are usually treated with the acronym RICE.  That stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevate.  In an acute injury which means... "oh no I landed wrong when I jumped and my knee got tweaked" and it's usually characterized as sharp pain.  You just have to use the acronym RICE because initially you really want to decrease any inflammatory effect that your body is going to initiate.  I mean you want it to happen but you kinda don't at the same time. 


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So you rest your affected joint, ice promotes something called vasoconstriction which basically decreases blood flow to the area so that it doesn't swell up so much and it'll help numb the pain for a bit too.  And you know what else I tell my patient's?  I usually say, "you should get that thing checked out!"  Chances are you may have more than tweaked that area and  may need additional treatment.  Your doctor might even prescribe you some NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).  However if you do take any NSAIDS, make sure you have some food in your tummy and be sure that you're not on any blood thinners.  Always consult your doctor before taking any over-the-counter medications especially if you're already taking in prescribed medication.

When can I start using heat?

Now after the first 24 hours, you can start applying heat.  Heat will be important for bringing nutrients back to the injured area by way of vasodilation.  Basically you're now helping to increase the size of your blood vessels in the affected area to help repair by way of allowing more nutrients to be delivered in the affected area.  At this time, heat will also help soothe the pain as well as get nutrients to the area.  Massage also helps as it promotes circulation as well.  Science is crazy isn't it?  At first you want to put ice on it and then after a day or so you start adding heat and massage.  You can also add heat to achy joints that just have been hurting for a while.  In this case heat would provide your aching joint with some amazing comfort.  I've noticed a lot of people usually use this Heated Knee Massager.  They actually have pretty decent reviews too.


Stabilize:   This is super important for helping to heal that joint.  Try to keep from using that arm or leg as much as possible.  That way you reduce chances of re-injuring the site.  Also this helps with the pain.  So whether you get the Heated Knee Massager  or something else, just make sure that it keeps the joint from moving around a lot.  

Ric The Murse
Ric The Murse

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