December 04, 2020 2 min read

All in One Spot for Gift Giving!

It's that time of the year again, but we always have the question of what to give. One of the most important things when it comes to gift giving is knowing the person.  Everyone needs something right?  I mean come on!  COVID hit and all of a sudden friends and families have to stay home now.


Well, lucky you... gift giving has actually gotten a lot easier than you think.  Lots of people have been working from home so give them something innovative and useful!  They'll be sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness. 


Smart Phone Laptop Mount



 1.   Pants are usually optional when working from home, but this Smart Phone Laptop Mountisn't.  How about giving someone some help with a productivity hack.  Awesome and innovative, helps reduce neck pain by keeping you from having to look down at your phone and back up to your computer. $24.95, Smart Phone Laptop Mount


Electric Spin Scrubber


2.   Do you know that one person who could use some help cleaning?  I certainly don't mean that you go on your hands and knees and help scrub the floor, but what if they got something that basically did the work for them?  Just when you thought there was nothing else you could add to your cleaning repertoire...  We've got you the Electric Spin Scrubber!  People are raving about how easy this makes cleaning! $49.95, Electric Spin Scrubber


AI Smart Phone 360 Holder Mount

3.  Sometimes we're trying to find ways to entertain ourselves.  Whether you're doing TikTok videos, making content online, or just even spending time with the family.  Make the best out of this season by making memories with the ones you love! $39.95 AI 360 Smart Phone Holder


Workout Resistance Band

4.   You already know people are going to start their New Year's Resolution, but with gyms closed how about you bring the gym to your home? Having the convenience to bring your Workout Resistance Bands anywhere you go is totally game changing!  $34.97 11 Piece Resistance Band Set


Resistance Band


Ric Culaton
Ric Culaton

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